Little Stories

Quarantine Day 31

Last night was pretty rough cause I didn’t go to sleep till like 6AM so I spent most of the day sleeping, but I was able to get all my homework done. I was actually going over all the stuff I have left to do for school this semester and realized that I am very close to being finished and to me that’s just insane cause that means I am very close to getting my associates degree. After homework the day was very chill. I watched Bindi Irwin’s wedding special with my mom. I was a huge Steve Irwin fan (and still am) when I was a kid. I have cried over only 2 celebrity deaths and those were Steve Irwin and Robin Williams. Irwin was my absolute hero and my first celebrity crush; I was absolutely enamored with him. I have just loved watching her grow up and I know her dad would be so proud of her. Her and Chandler make me believe in soulmates.

Quarantine Day 30

Well kids we mad it a whole ass month in quarantine and lemme tell you I simultaneously love it and hate it. I love it cause I love not having to deal with people and not having to go anywhere and I get to see my parents, especially my mom since we often work opposite schedules, whenever I want. I hate it cause I have no purpose, time means nothing, and I have reverted to the goblin I am. I think things are going to start opening back up again here soon. Gov. Abbott announced Retail To-Go the other day, I have no idea how that one would work but its something I guess. My company is figuring out next steps so I guess we shall see. I personally think its a bit early. The US numbers in general are pretty high still. I mean I have 320 current cases in my hometown as I type this and if I was a governing official I would wait till that number was at least below 10 preferably 5 but that is just me. As far as the day goes I wasn’t a full on sloth like normal and I had bouts of productivity. Tomorrow I am going to try my very best to be actually productive. It seems I have about a week of a depressive episode and 4-5 days of mania and then back to depression. I can handle that cycle I think. it has not been the best so far but it hasn’t been 2010 bad or even 2013 bad so I think we are doing pretty great! I call it a win!

Quarantine Day 27

This one is being written from my phone cause I am much to lazy to remove myself from my burrito to go to by desk. I am officially debt free which is hella exciting for me!! Other then that I have nearly left my bed and I desperately want my brain to produce the happy stuff but it refuses. I can’t even bring myself to do things I enjoy doing. Here’s to hoping tomorrow will be better .

Quarantine Day 26

I may have to go into work on Friday so at least I will be doing something the earn the money I am now earning. I will have another credit card paid off by the end of week so that’s really great and I will be graduating this semester! As far as the day goes I played Arkham Asylum all day till I got to scared to fight Killer Croc and then I watched Criminal Minds.

Quarantine Day 25

My allergies have been something awful today (at least I really hope its just allergies). Other then the allergies and some major back pain the day has been pretty good. I went to the grocery store for some milk and apples and then I came home and spent the better part of the day playing Batman: Arkham Asylum. Charlie and I didn’t go on our normal walk mostly because I woke up late and I think I may have bruised the bones or something in my right foot. It only really hurts when I put weight on it. Hopefully we shall return to our walks tomorrow.

Quarantine Day 24

Happy Easter! Charlie and I went on an extra long walk today and I managed to close my watch rings. There was less people on this one thankfully. Other then that the day has been as every other day has been. I did wake up a bit later then I would have liked. I am going to try and get up around 7 or 8 tomorrow so that I can have more of the day to be productive.

Quarantine Day 23

Good Evening! I have good news to report! The small business stimulus package went through for my company so I will be getting paid! This is a a huge blessing and I thank god for it. Other then that the day has been much of the same as the others. I woke up at about 9 and took Charlie on a walk, for which there was A LOT of people, we did take a different route then we normally do. Then I ate some breakfast and took a shower and I have spent the rest of the day writing some recipe down in my recipe book (maybe I should start a food series on here) and watching Criminal Minds in a random order. So it was a fairly good day! Although a funny thing did happen today. After dinner Charlie scratched at my door and let herself in and then would not stop whining at me and she started scratching at the door to be let out (it has a spring to close it automatically). So I let her out and then she scratched to get back in and wouldn’t leave me alone till I followed her down stairs. Turns out the after dinner walks I had taken her on for the past two nights were part of her routine. I had to walk her to the end of the driveway and back in the rain just to get her to calm down.