Quarantine Day 31

Last night was pretty rough cause I didn’t go to sleep till like 6AM so I spent most of the day sleeping, but I was able to get all my homework done. I was actually going over all the stuff I have left to do for school this semester and realized that I am very close to being finished and to me that’s just insane cause that means I am very close to getting my associates degree. After homework the day was very chill. I watched Bindi Irwin’s wedding special with my mom. I was a huge Steve Irwin fan (and still am) when I was a kid. I have cried over only 2 celebrity deaths and those were Steve Irwin and Robin Williams. Irwin was my absolute hero and my first celebrity crush; I was absolutely enamored with him. I have just loved watching her grow up and I know her dad would be so proud of her. Her and Chandler make me believe in soulmates.

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