Little Stories

Quarantine Day 19

Today was much better mental health wise! I woke up at the decent hour of 8am, took charlie on a walk, showered, built some book shelves, rearranged my books (again), drank a gallon of water, did the dishes, and managed to close all my rings on my watch. I would say to day has been have been really productive! hopefully tomorrow will be just as productive. I have a feeling that I am going to get some really good sleep tonight!

Quarantine Day 18

Today was shit as far as mental health goes. I went to the grocery store got milk. Wasn’t hungry so all I got was a Dr. Pepper on my one venture out which I am now regretting. I did finish my essay (which was so stupid I swear professors sometimes just sit around and think up ways to make their students life’s hell.) help with dinner and clean up my room a bit. Now I am going to eat cake and go to bed.

Quarantine Day 17

Good Evening! I took Charlie on a walk to the lake, she tried to eat some plants, and then we came home, I did some homework and now its 10:30pm and I have accomplished very little. BUT my new shelves came in today so I get to build them and then reorganize some books tomorrow which I am super stoked about! I think I also may go to bed at a freaking decent hour tonight and I get to go get milk tomorrow so that means I get food I don’t have to make!

Quarantine Day 16

Good Evening! I have been somewhat productive day. I made a whole cake and started a makeup challenge. I also made a roast chicken and did the dishes. so you know I am going to count today as a win. The only downside is that the guy I have been talking to has been really annoying lately and I don’t want to ghost him cause I hate when men do that to me, but like I also don’t know a nice way to tell him that he is to passive and its hella annoying. Like hes a nice guy I’m just not attracted to his face and I feel like he lacks a personality. I think I may be broken. Like he asked me what my perfect day would look like and it legit involved only me food, my best friend, books and a plethora of fur children. I think I am just destined to be alone and live in a beautiful house and you know what I am 100% okay with that.

Quarantine Day 15

Good Evening. Welp my sleep schedule is officially fucked I woke up yesterday at like 2pm and was up till 7am. I made a lot of Tik Tok draft so at least I was doing something. Literally the only thing I do consistently is update this blog that nobody reads. That’s okay though. I was so close to having all my shit together before this happened. I had a good routine, I was almost debt free, I was figuring out my next steps for college, I liked my job and then the world decides to go to hell in a hand basket. I am going to get my shit back together. I am going to use my stimulus check to pay off my remaining debt balance. I will try and email my adviser see what I can do. I am still doing pretty OK in school so not all is lost. This will blow over in a few more weeks (fingers crossed) and I will be able to go back to work with any luck. Its all going to be okay. I just need to pull myself out of my funk and take control of the things I can. I am going to get my sleep schedule back on track tonight whether I have to stay up all night or just take some ZQuil to make myself sleep. Then I am going to do my best to stick to the schedule I had made for myself a couple of days ago. I am going to limit the amount of time I am on my phone cause lord knows I am on that thing WAY to much. Everything is going to be fine!

Quarantine Day 14

Happy two weeks! I am actually loosing it I swear. I was up to nearly 6 AM and I didn’t wake up till two, I haven’t done that since like my early college days. I have done literally nothing today and I just feel blah. That is probably mostly because the red river has decided to make an appearance and my body is in a state of revolt. I think I am just going to take a hot shower and spend the rest of the night sulking.

Quarantine Day 13

Happy April Fools Day! I have done nothing but watch more Tiger King, get all dressed up to take some pictures and make a Tik Tok, make dinner and shower. Its been an incredibly lazy day but at like 1:30 this morning we did find out we had a baby squirrel also quarantining with us. We were able to trap him in our fire place (which is more then likely how he got in the house) so hopefully he has climbed back out. My dog was zero help in this whole process. I also am in desperate need of backed goods but have no desire to wash the dishes to make them.

Quarantine Day 12

Good Afternoon! Yesterday was somewhat a success in that I finished my Art assignment even though I really did not want to. I came this close to skipping it but I didn’t and I just did it. So 10 points for Hufflepuff for that (also yes I am an official Hufflepuff according to Pottermore quiz). Other then my art homework I did the dishes, made brownies and was up till like 5 am watching Tiger King. That show is absolutely insane man I watch it with my jaw dropped because like I didn’t know people could be that insane and yet hear we are. If you have a Netflix account, or access to a Netflix account, and you haven’t already watched it I highly recommend it you will not be dissapointed.

So far today I have made lunch, watched another episode of Tiger King (like seriously watch it!) and I have showered and had a dance party to Broadway hits. I am hopefully going to finish not only Legend today, but also my audio book and then i will hopefully have my March wrap up published tomorrow. Overall the past three days haven’t been that bad. Plus we have 2 out of 8 weeks done just 6 more to go. At least I hope its only 6 more.