Quarantine Days 43-50

Today is going to officially be my last day of quarantine updates as I return to work on a regular biases today. I am not going to lie I am feeling really anxious about going to work today. I just feel that everything is changing so fast that by the time I get used to things they immediately change and I am not so great with change. I only got like 4 hours of sleep last night cause I just could not sleep and I spent most of yesterday feeling really blah and tired. I was just so unmotivated and unproductive. The rest of the week before that was pretty good. I had a really nice system down that was really nice. I am going to miss being home all the time. I was definitely made for staying home. I just prefer to be by myself and talk to the three people that I actually like. I dislike the outside world greatly and harbor 0 desires to return to it, but it is only 6 hours. It will be okay. Its all going to be okay.

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