Quarantine Day 30

Well kids we mad it a whole ass month in quarantine and lemme tell you I simultaneously love it and hate it. I love it cause I love not having to deal with people and not having to go anywhere and I get to see my parents, especially my mom since we often work opposite schedules, whenever I want. I hate it cause I have no purpose, time means nothing, and I have reverted to the goblin I am. I think things are going to start opening back up again here soon. Gov. Abbott announced Retail To-Go the other day, I have no idea how that one would work but its something I guess. My company is figuring out next steps so I guess we shall see. I personally think its a bit early. The US numbers in general are pretty high still. I mean I have 320 current cases in my hometown as I type this and if I was a governing official I would wait till that number was at least below 10 preferably 5 but that is just me. As far as the day goes I wasn’t a full on sloth like normal and I had bouts of productivity. Tomorrow I am going to try my very best to be actually productive. It seems I have about a week of a depressive episode and 4-5 days of mania and then back to depression. I can handle that cycle I think. it has not been the best so far but it hasn’t been 2010 bad or even 2013 bad so I think we are doing pretty great! I call it a win!

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