Quarantine Day 37

So here’s the thing. I am currently emotionally fragile and kinda depressed. I have three chapters of Bio and a Bio test that is due in 23 hours and 58 minuets. I also have a photography project and three chapters of Art to read due on Monday. I also need to finish ;laundry, vacuum my room, wash my sheets and so a face mask cause my skin be looking rough. You wanna know how I spent my day instead of doing any of that? Playing an iPhone dragon game. I need a bit of a reset. I am going to try and pull an all nighter and reset my schedule a bit. I very much would like to go back to my human hours and get away from my gremlin hours. So here’s the plan: Step One: Do NOT sit or lie in bed for any reason. Step Two: Do NOT play merge dragons on my phone. Step Three: rotate my tasks when I get task fatigue so I am doing something different instead of giving up (also take breaks). I don’t even know if I can pull an all nighter anymore but we are going to see. Wish me luck.

Edit: I changed my mind I am going to force myself to get up early in the morning and do it then.

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