Quarantine Days 38-41

I am going to get back to posting daily I promise! Or at least I am going to try. The past couple of days have actually been really good and I have been able to be productive. Usually if I don’t wake up at a certain time I feel like I can’t be productive cause its not “perfect” or the day didn’t start according to plan. But the past few days I have been waking up when I wake up and then I brush my teeth and wash my face, then have breakfast and get dressed, and then I make my bed and then I sit down at my desk and make my to do list for the day and then I just do things on the list and I don’t put pressure on my self to finish the whole thing in one day. I do what I can do and the rest I move till tomorrow. At night I stop working on what ever I am working on, usually studying, by 8PM and then I shower have a snack and go to bed. Its been really nice.

I also am back on my Wednesday cleaning schedule which is kinda a relief. It went all willy nilly there for a minuet and I did not like it. I have also been doing my school work everyday which has been helpful or it will be helpful when I don’t have to do it all on Sunday. I have two finals next week and then the third on the 20th. Then I’ll be done. I’m actually kind of worried about my GPA, I need to have at least a 2.5 to transfer to Sam Houston and I have no idea if I am going to have that. I emailed an advisor and I am just waiting to hear back. If I don’t hear anything on Friday I am going to email again. I currently have two B’s and one C which I think I can possibly bring up to two A’s (at least one A for sure) and a B. The problem is I failed these exact classes last semester which is why I was put on Academic Suspension. I think these classes just “replace” those kinda but I’m not sure. I hope it won’t effect my graduating. I guess well shall see what happens. I am just going to keep moving forward no matter what. It will all work out in the end.

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