Quarantine Day 16

Good Evening! I have been somewhat productive day. I made a whole cake and started a makeup challenge. I also made a roast chicken and did the dishes. so you know I am going to count today as a win. The only downside is that the guy I have been talking to has been really annoying lately and I don’t want to ghost him cause I hate when men do that to me, but like I also don’t know a nice way to tell him that he is to passive and its hella annoying. Like hes a nice guy I’m just not attracted to his face and I feel like he lacks a personality. I think I may be broken. Like he asked me what my perfect day would look like and it legit involved only me food, my best friend, books and a plethora of fur children. I think I am just destined to be alone and live in a beautiful house and you know what I am 100% okay with that.

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