Quarantine Day 15

Good Evening. Welp my sleep schedule is officially fucked I woke up yesterday at like 2pm and was up till 7am. I made a lot of Tik Tok draft so at least I was doing something. Literally the only thing I do consistently is update this blog that nobody reads. That’s okay though. I was so close to having all my shit together before this happened. I had a good routine, I was almost debt free, I was figuring out my next steps for college, I liked my job and then the world decides to go to hell in a hand basket. I am going to get my shit back together. I am going to use my stimulus check to pay off my remaining debt balance. I will try and email my adviser see what I can do. I am still doing pretty OK in school so not all is lost. This will blow over in a few more weeks (fingers crossed) and I will be able to go back to work with any luck. Its all going to be okay. I just need to pull myself out of my funk and take control of the things I can. I am going to get my sleep schedule back on track tonight whether I have to stay up all night or just take some ZQuil to make myself sleep. Then I am going to do my best to stick to the schedule I had made for myself a couple of days ago. I am going to limit the amount of time I am on my phone cause lord knows I am on that thing WAY to much. Everything is going to be fine!

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