Juliet Immortal (Juliet Immortal #1) by Stacey Jay

Romeo and Juliet is The Love Story, the greatest love story the world has ever know, the love story that has inspired generations of writers and lovers alike, but what if it was all a lie? What if Romeo wasn’t the guy Juliet thought he was? Romeo destroys the love he and Juliet once share to fight for the Mercenaries while Juliet chooses the Ambassadors. Juliet fights for soulmates while Romeo fights to destroy them. On their latest mission Juliet is borrowing the body of a girl named Ariel while Romeo has taken the life of a boy named Dylan to have his body, but this mission is different the the others. Juliet has to choose between love and hell all while making sure the soulmates she was sent to protect end up together.

I loved this book! The characters were well rounded and fleshed out. Although Romeo/Dylan was the antagonist throughout the novel the reader still felt for him in the parts I needed to feel him. I loved Juliet/Ariel and it was interesting to see Ariel’s life through Juliet’s eyes. It kinda makes me wonder what somebody would see if they took over my life. Juliet was thoughtful and compassionate. She was definitely struggling with the cards she was dealt, but trying to make the most of it. Romeo was a great villain. He was charming and charismatic, while also being blood thirsty and terrifying. Think Gaston as a serial killer. The imagery was also incredible. I have read a couple different Romeo and Juliet retellings (or inspired works) and this one just had such a dark and almost gruesome twist to it it was refreshing and made my little Gothic heart flutter.

As much as I loved the first book in the duo I don’t think I will be reading the second one (Romeo Redeemed) mostly cause I personally felt to story had ended and was all wrapped and technically speaking it it. Romeo Redeemed is about Romeo and his journey rather then Juliet. A much as I love Romeo as a antagonist I don’t feel connected enough to him to be a protagonist.

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