Gemini Night (Star Crossed #3) by Bonnie Hearn Hill

Logan McRae has landed a dream internship at CRUSH Magazine thanks to her well connected mentor Henry Jaffa. Logan is deferment to prove herself to the editor in chief Stacey and maybe even land a astrology column, but first she has to keep Arianna Woods, the cover model and over all train wreck, from complete disaster the night of the big costume launch party. On top of that Logan’s relationship with cute Taurus Jeremy seems to have come to a sudden halt, much like her parents relationship. Can Logan astrology once more to save the launch party and win back her wayward boyfriend or is this Gemini Night going to end in disaster and disappointment?

I have got to say that reading this book has be a struggle to say the absolute least. I’m amazed I forced myself to finish it. To me the books get steadily worse as you go through them. This once just felt forced. I didn’t care about any of the characters. All of the characters are pretty flat and one dimensional except for Logan, who even as the main character is only like 2D at best. There was even a point in the book where the antagonist (if we can even call her that she was mainly just a bitch who did nothing for the plot) was spreading a rumor that Logan was a witch who practiced witchcraft and the school was just like sounds right. All the adults were really apprehensive about astrology but never gave an explanation as to why. The plot was at time nonsensical and there were plot points that literally didn’t matter. Honestly there are quite a bit of plot holes throughout the trilogy. Another thing that really bothered me is that there was adults literally acting like children and even hitting on children (the celebrity chef is supposedly 21 and is hitting on a 17 year old). The climax wasn’t very climatic and really the whole thing to me was just dull and I’m a pretty easy to please reader. I think I would have liked this a lot more 10 years ago when I was 13 but as a 23 year old it was just disappointing.

I love the premise as a whole, but in my opinion the writing was poorly executed throughout the trilogy. It lacked detail and cohesion and it lacked that special something that just makes a reader connected to a book. Over all I rate the trilogy a 5/10 and I rate book 3 a 3/10.

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