Taurus Eyes (Star Crossed #2) by Bonnie Hearn Hill

This is the second book in the Star Crossed trilogy and Logan McRea is finally heading toward Monterey Bay and her dream fellowship with world renowned paranormal author Henry Jaffa. Although not everything is as Logan imagines it when she arrives. Between Jaffa scrambling everybody’s article topics and the confusing yet totally hot Jeremy, Logan needs Fearless Astrology more then ever. She uses her pondering Aquarian nature to uncover the truth behind the supposed haunting by famous pop musician, Sean Baylor and win over Jaffa. The only thing standing in her way is fiery Aries Vanessa who seems to have it out for her and her very conflicting feelings for Jeremy.

Okay so here’s the tea about this book… I liked it but I did not love it. If you look on my good reads I rate the book a 4 stars cause I knew what it was. This series as a whole is geared toward the preteen crowd and not really for older teen and young adult readers. There were times while I was reading this that I felt like I missed something. The mood and the tone would suddenly change for really no reason. I get the author was trying to make it seem more suspenseful and get the reader on the edge of their seats, but in all honesty it just doesn’t work. There were a couple of situations that it just didn’t jive well and it felt choppy and underdeveloped and really just out of place. The character development was pretty on point. Logan got more confident; the love interest was dreamy, although his development was a bit strange feeling to me. He was somewhere between a flat underdeveloped character and a developed one. He just wasn’t quite there for me.

So far this series as a whole is just been kinda meh for me. I have started on the third book and this will be my first time reading the third book (The first two I read when I was younger). So the first two as rereads are eh. I loved them when I was 13 but 10 years later they don’t particularly hold up.

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