Aries Rising (Star Crossed #1) by Bonnie Hearn Hill

Note: I finished this book on the second and then started writing this on the second and then got side tracked and forgot about it and then remembered and finished writing on the 9th.

Well it’s the second day of 2019 and I have finished my first book of the year! Now only 239 more to go. I have also crossed the first book off of the PopSugar Challenge list (goodbye prompt 33! One down 49 more to go).

Logan McRae is you average high school sophomore who wants nothing more then to land the University of California at
Monterey Bay fellowship and of course the guy. The only thing standing in her way is Mr. Franklin, affectionately know as Mr. Frankenstein who decides the fellowship winner , and Geneva Hamilton, the beautiful editor of the school newspaper who also has the hots for Nathan. That’s when Logan discovers Fearless Astrology in a trunk of her mothers old things and unlocks a whole new world. Armed with the book and her two besties, Chili and Paige, Logan is out to win the fellowship, Nathan, and unmask the Gears. The Gears are a group of troublemakers that have been terrorizing the school with pranks that push the boundaries.

This is my second read of this book and it holds up. I love Logan as a character. Shes driven and shes got a good heart. Her reasons for wanting the fellowship are at first a bit eh but she eventually gets to the root of why she wants it. “Her writing” also seems a bit week to me especially somebody in journalism and who wants a journalism fellowship. Her firsts drafts were always better in my opinion. As a fellow Gemini I absolutely love Chili! She’s outgoing, talkative, and caring, plus shes got some wicked style. Then there is Paige who is basically just a pure little cinnamon roll (who has a pension for tattooed older men, which now that I am 23 is a bit strange cause as a sophomore you are 15-16 years old and her love interest is in junior college so 18-19 years old which is a bit illegal). The friendship between the three girls is actually how I wish more female friendships were portrayed not only in books but in all media. They were supportive of each other and embraced each others similarities and differences. The antagonist, Geneva, is a fairly good one. Shes smart, cunning, and undeniably pretty. She reminds me of a few girls I went to high school with. Then there is the love interest Nathan, which if I am being completely honest not that big of a fan. Unlike most of the leading men in the novels I read hes kinda just blah. I didn’t find myself “shipping” their relationship nor did I find him to be a good match for out Logan. He was just a tad to dull and a lot to narcissistic.

Overall a really good start to my little project, the year and the trilogy. I am still in the mood for early 2000s books that I would have/or did read when i was in junior high or freshman year in high school that are just kinda cheesy and a super easy read and this book definitely fits that to a T. I would recommend it if you are into that sort of thing but I would not just offhandedly recommend it to somebody who was asking for a recommendation.

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