The Geography of Lost Things By Jessica Brody

Ali Collins’s life is falling apart. The only things that she has left is her house which is being taken away due to her absentee father’s bad choices and the 1968 Firebird 400 that was her father’s prize possession that was bequeathed to her upon his death. The car might just be the thing she needs to put her life back together; there is only one problem, she can’t drive stick. He ex-boyfriend, Nico, can though and together they embark on the road trip of a lifetime. Together they find the bits and pieces Ali thought she lost a lifetime ago. What could possibly go wrong when you go on a road trip with your ex anyway?

I. Loved. This. Book. It was poignant yet hopeful. The writing just pulls you and captivates you. I did not want to put it down. Ali is the perfect example of a deeply flawed heroine. She harbors a lot of anger and resentment towards both her ex-boyfriend and her father, Jackson. She is also (in my opinion) quite the unreliable narrator. Because of the anger she carries she her world view is a bit cloudy when it comes to her own life and the events in it, but even then I felt a connection to Ali and what she was going trough. I understood why she felt the way she felt and did what she did, not only because she was narrating so the ready gets and intense look into her mindset, but also because I understand her feelings of frustration and betrayal. Nico is also a pretty flawed character, but you never dislike him (at least not the way Ali would like). I really rooted for him, because for all of his flaws he is a good guy, especially for Ali. He pushes her where she needs to go, but doesn’t push enough to be overbearing. The heart of this book is about adventure, finding your truth and most importantly learning how to let go and forgive.

I would recommend it to really anybody but I think especially for those who are looking for answers in their lives. This is defiantly on my favorites of 2019 list (the first book I read this year to be added!).

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