This is What Happy Looks Like By Jennifer E. Smith

Ellie O’Neil is a normal seventeen-year-old girl, who lives in a small town in Maine and dreams about going to a prestigious poetry program at Harvard, that is in till she accidentally receives a misguided email about a pig named Wilbur that needs to go for a walk. Out of concern for Wilbur she replies to the mysterious email and the two strike up a conversation. Little does she know she is talking to the world famous teen heartthrob Graham Larkin. After months of correspondence the two enter in to what would be a relationship if only they knew each other’s names, but Graham does know what town she lives in and works to get his newest movie filmed their, he succeeds (shock).  Upon his arrival in the small town of Henley Ellie’s entire world is turned upside down. She has to choose if the love she feels for Graham is worth bringing up her mothers torrid past and thrusting herself in to the spot light, she has the biggest fight she’s ever had with her best friend, and to top it all off she’s still a thousand dollars short for that poetry program.  Graham’s life is no picnic either since arriving in small town Maine. First he goes on a date with the wrong girl and then he finds the right one, he becomes more aware of the fractured relationship between him and his parents, he is increasingly aware of his eternal loneliness, and to top it all off the mysterious girl he fell in love with over email may not want to be with him because of his constant spot light.

This is What Happy Looks Like is a great summer read, its perfect for the beach or those lazy summer days spent by the pool or that road trip your parents force you on. Its lighthearted and funny filled with romance and friendship and the relationship teen’s share with their parents. I love this book it made me smile and laugh (there were some very awkward moments in public because of this) and it just put me in a really happy mood. The writing is witty and fast paced. I highly recommend. 

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