Eve & Adam by Michael Grant and Katherine Applegate

Many things run through Evening Spiker’s head when she was hit by the car, like the oddly out of place apple and a new pair of Nike’s; what doesn’t run through her mind was the fact that her leg is no longer attached to her body or the fact that her arm is at an angle that it really shouldn’t be at or that fact that she may be dying. When she wakes up her mother, the great Terra (Terror) Spiker is arguing for her release so she can take her to Spiker Bio-pharmaceuticals and a strange blue-eyed boy touching her shoulder.  Next thing she knows she in a state of the art hospital receiving the best care under her mother’s watchful eye and the strange blue-eyed boy, Solo she later learns, lurking around. After a few days of pure boredom her mother gives her a task to design the perfect boy. To E.V. as her friends call her, its just playing around on a computer simulator, but is it? What lurks in the dark and dusty corners of Spiker Bio pharmaceuticals and what exactly does Solo know about it?

Eve & Adam is a fast passed read with two different points of view Eve’s and Solo’s. It has gangbangers, love, friendship, crazed Big Brains, a fractured mother daughter relationship, and moral dilemmas that question you to your very core. I read Eve & Adam in two days and was on the edge of my seat the entire time. It’s a great read and if your in a slump its perfect, it really gets your will to read jumping. 

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