The Infinite Moment of Us by Lauren Myracle

Wren is a freshly graduated high school senior who faces what every high school graduate faces: the inevitability of the future. She isn’t quite sure what she wants out of life and is tuck figuring out if the plans she has laid out in front of her is what she wants or what he parents want. She was granted early admission into Emory, but she decides to defer and sign up for Project Unity and help the Guatemalan people before going to school. Charlie has admired Wren from afar for all through out high school. With his torrid past and his messy relationship with his ex he never thought that he would be good enough for her. But then their souls collide and it makes for a truly unforgettable romance full of soul searching and self-finding.

            The Infinite Moment of Us is a wonderful read for any fresh high school graduate or college freshman. It not only has a truly unforgettable love story, but also makes you ask questions of your self that you may never have though of. An amazing read. (Warning: There is sex, not smut per say, but defiantly usage of the word cock and dick just so you know.) 

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