Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

Wren and Cather Avery are as close as sisters can be they do everything together (they are twins) they are even going to navigate and survive their freshman year in college together or so Cath thought, but Wren had a different idea. Now for the first time in the eighteen years of Cath’s existence she was up stream with out a lifeboat. Cath being a shy, reserved, anxious watcher of the world she turned to the only thing she had left, Simon Snow.  The life of a Fangirl, especially one who is famous within the community, is hard and Cath was both a Fangirl and famous with in the community for her fanfiction Carry On, Simon. Although Cath spent most of the time in her room she managed to make friends with her roommate Reagan and her boyfriend Levi. Can Cath mange to survive the year? Can she finish Carry On before the eighth and final book of the Simon Snow series comes out? And more importantly is she able to keep her sanity?

            I identified with Cath on so many levels. I am currently trying to survive my freshman year in college and I’m shy and reserved and I spend way too much time alone reading, writing, and blogging. This book is so well written. It’s funny and quirky and truthful. It shows the good, the bad, and the ugly and its just fantastic.

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