Hero by Alethea Kontis

Hero by Alethea Kontis. Hero is the second book in the Woodcutter Sisters series, the first is Enchanted which I read in early 2013. Hero follows the adventures of Saturday Woodcutter, who is the sixth daughter of Jack and Seven Woodcutter. Unlike her six sisters and three brothers, she doesn’t have any special abilities. She is completely normal, taller, bigger and more clumsy then other girls and she is good with an axe as well as a sword, but other wise she is completely normal. Her name day gift was even an axe that magically turned in to a sword at the end of Enchanted.

Saturday’s story really begins when she “breaks the world”. After news that Seven’s sister, Snow White, and Trix’s mother is dead, Seven makes arrangements to leave for Rose Abbey immediately but before she can Trix puts them all under a sleeping spell and right before Saturday falls asleep she throws the ornate mirror that Thursday sent her conjuring up an ocean in the backyard. When Saturday comes to she becomes distraught that she broke the world and may have injured her brother. She becomes determined to find Trix to make sure he is okay; so with her pirate queen sister and her mother she sets of on a great adventure, but her adventure takes a turn when she is captured by a gigantic bird that deposits her in a cave at the top of the world where she meet Peregrine, the son of an earl turned daughter of a witch. Peregrine and Betwixt a magical creature that can change forms, help Saturday kill the witch and fight a dragon all while saving the world and maybe falling in love.

 I absolutely loved this book. I’m a big sucker for fairy tales and the retelling of fairy tales and the Woodcutter Sisters series has to be one of my favorites, not only because Kontis retells fairy tales but because she mixes them to create a new story. Although I don’t relate to Saturday as much as I related to Sunday I still loved her character. I loved that Kontis made Peregrine more feminine and Saturday more masculine ad switched the roles up, it made the story all the more compelling. If you haven’t read this series I highly recommend. 

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