Quarantine Day 23

Good Evening! I have good news to report! The small business stimulus package went through for my company so I will be getting paid! This is a a huge blessing and I thank god for it. Other then that the day has been much of the same as the others. I woke up at about 9 and took Charlie on a walk, for which there was A LOT of people, we did take a different route then we normally do. Then I ate some breakfast and took a shower and I have spent the rest of the day writing some recipe down in my recipe book (maybe I should start a food series on here) and watching Criminal Minds in a random order. So it was a fairly good day! Although a funny thing did happen today. After dinner Charlie scratched at my door and let herself in and then would not stop whining at me and she started scratching at the door to be let out (it has a spring to close it automatically). So I let her out and then she scratched to get back in and wouldn’t leave me alone till I followed her down stairs. Turns out the after dinner walks I had taken her on for the past two nights were part of her routine. I had to walk her to the end of the driveway and back in the rain just to get her to calm down.

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