Quarantine Day 20

Happy Day 20! I am on a productivity roll! I woke this morning a bit later then yesterday but only by an hour and I was able to get to sleep before midnight last night so I call that a definite win. This morning I did wake up and step in my dogs vomit so that wasn’t really all that great of a start, even worse is when I got the steam vac to clean it I realized that I never emptied out the water from the last time I used it and let me tell you I didn’t know a smell so awful could even exist. After some bleach, Febreze, and candles I got the smell cleaned up as well as the vomit and the urine cause she peed her bed too. Then I went a head and deep cleaned my bathroom and did all my laundry (including the folding). I also made dinner and then did the dishes and now everything is clean and smells good and I feel accomplished. I think I am going to have a bit of a self care morning and take a long bath and do a face mask and a hair mask. Maybe Ill even do my make up. I will be washing my sheets thought. So hopefully tomorrow will be just as productive!

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