Quarantine Day 12

Good Afternoon! Yesterday was somewhat a success in that I finished my Art assignment even though I really did not want to. I came this close to skipping it but I didn’t and I just did it. So 10 points for Hufflepuff for that (also yes I am an official Hufflepuff according to Pottermore quiz). Other then my art homework I did the dishes, made brownies and was up till like 5 am watching Tiger King. That show is absolutely insane man I watch it with my jaw dropped because like I didn’t know people could be that insane and yet hear we are. If you have a Netflix account, or access to a Netflix account, and you haven’t already watched it I highly recommend it you will not be dissapointed.

So far today I have made lunch, watched another episode of Tiger King (like seriously watch it!) and I have showered and had a dance party to Broadway hits. I am hopefully going to finish not only Legend today, but also my audio book and then i will hopefully have my March wrap up published tomorrow. Overall the past three days haven’t been that bad. Plus we have 2 out of 8 weeks done just 6 more to go. At least I hope its only 6 more.

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