Quarantine Day 3

Good Morning! or I guess afternoon at this point. I have been pretty consistent about waking up around 11 everyday, but I really want to be waking up around 8 or 9 so I am going to try and get myself to sleep earlier tonight. I was successful in getting all 569 of my books organized, but they are not exactly how i would like them. Two of my shelves broke and even with those two I don’t really have the room for all of them so I have stacks everywhere, but at least everything is now clean and organized. I also took a shower for those of you wondering. I feel much better and I am ready to get some food and coffee.

Today’s game plan consist of studying and getting ready for school to start up again tomorrow. I also really want to finish my book today possibly. If i finish three books by the 30th I will have beaten my previous most read books in a month by one which is really cool, but school is going to be my first priority. Wish me luck! also don’t forget to wash your hands.

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