Quarantine Day 1

Good Morning! It is March 20, 2020 and it is my first day of self quarantine due to COVID-19. Up until this point I was still going to work and interacting with the general public, but yesterday my store decided to close down indefinitely. So I am now officially out of a job for the foreseeable future and can practice self isolation and social distancing as the CDC recommends. Its a very strange feeling not having to go to work when I know I normally would be going to work. I have some plans on hopefully keeping my mental health above water and making sure I don’t go absolutely insane during the next two to six weeks (at least I really hop its not longer then six weeks.)

So far today I have woken up at the somewhat decent hour of 11 am. I had some trouble getting to sleep last night so I decided to be somewhat proactive and get a jump on my days todo list. I was able to clean out my hanging clothes (my shirts, dresses, hoodies, ect.) and I am getting rid of 48 articles of clothing and I cleaned my desk and cleaned it out a bit. Today’s todo list for the rest of the day is: finish cleaning out my closet and to reorganize all my books and study a bit.

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