Sweep Vol. 3: The Calling, Changeling, Strife by Cate Tiernan

Lord have mercy on my soul for this one. I swear I wanted to pull a full Bradley Cooper from Silver Linings Playbook where he throws the book out the window only to go get it again. Morgan irked me more then she had in the first 6 books (God has it really been 6 books already?). Even Hunter, my undeniable favorite of the story, got on my nerves a little bit, at least in the first book of the volume, the second and third books weren’t much better (although Hunter redeemed himself to me). This volume was mostly dealing with Morgan finding out more about her heritage and her parents. Overall I feel as if I enjoy the story as a whole and have been reading them fairly quickly (as quickly as a girl who works 40+ hours a week can) and when I am reading them I don’t find myself not wanting to read them. That being said they greatly annoy me and I find myself just wanting to be done with the series as a whole (15 books in one series is just a tad bit excessive and exhausting for the reader).

Morgan, Morgan, Morgan. She doesn’t get any less annoying. If anything she gets more annoying. Shes whiny, selfish, impulsive, and all powerful which makes her very dangerous. It seems at every turn she is being told that she needs to learn the basics and to learn more control, but she gets upset by this and feels like shes being punished. So she ends up just doing things despite the consequences of such things, because she feels like its her birthright. In The Calling Morgan, Sky, Robbie, Bree, and Hunter all spend an extended weekend in New York City at Bree’s father’s apartment. Hunter is there on council business to gather information on a dark coven that he thinks is connected to a vision that Morgan keeps having. Of course Morgan wants to help and of course Hunter deems it too dangerous and basically orders her to stay out of it. Is it too dangerous? Yes. Does she listen? No. Does she almost get both her and Hunter killed? Yes. After the events of The Calling Morgan ends up breaking up with Hunter cause she founds out that her father is the the evilest Wiccan to like ever exist which of course causes her to have an existential crisis about weather or not shes a good witch or a bad witch. So basically she just whined for all of Changeling about how she doesn’t know if shes good or bad and how much loves him but can’t be with him. This volume seems to mostly focus on how Morgan is very powerful yet very untrained and how the people around her are kinda scared of her. Robbie and Morgan end up getting into a really big argument about her powers and how she tends to abuse them to suit her needs, which she totally does. Her excuse is that her power is her birthright, which is not a good excuse. On one hand I can see how Morgan can be dislikable, but on the other hand I was a little defensive about the fact that like everybody in her life is like terrified of her. For example, Killian, Morgan’s half-brother, does magical tricks out the open and her friends find it amusing and cute. Morgan does the same things and her friends fear her. So like I found myself defending her and being like all these characters need to chill.

On of the characters that need to take a chill pill is Alisa. To say that I dislike her would be an understatement. Her character is flat, whiny, and scared for no reason. When she’s first introduced to the plot it is painfully obvious that she is scared and uncomfortable around Morgan despite the fact that both her and Morgan are in the same coven and the fact that Morgan has done nothing to her. We learn from a couple of Alisa’s BOS entries that shes scared of Morgan’s power and believes that she is practicing Dark Magick despite a lot of evidence to the contrary. She’s just judge-y and vindictive for no reason and worse she ropes Mary K., Morgan’s little sister, into it. Mary K. is also a character that needs to chill. I mean ignoring the fantastical element to the book (the fact that Morgan and some of the other characters have powers) Mary K becomes alarmed that her sister starts practicing a new religion and she believes that her sister is out to get her. Its all just ridiculous. The writing, the characters, the plot. It all just falls a bit flat and is juvenile. Tiernan spends an inordinate amount of recapping literally everything. At the beginning of every book each character is reintroduced to the reader and each thing gets rehashed. I mean Cal DIED books ago and we are still talking about it! Maybe its just because we are 7-9 books in and we are hitting a slump but I feel like they are just getting worse.

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