New Year, New Me: Maybe

Almost two years ago I started this blog (and then promptly forgot about it for a year and half) with a post about the new year and my goals I wanted to accomplish (non of which I did in case you were wondering). So it only seems fitting at for the upcoming New Year I make another post about my goals and how I plan to start the year on the right foot and then eventually fall back on old habits and patterns. As of right now, with 18 days left in the year, I am feeling productive and on top of things. I have been setting up my bullet journal for the year (something I want to make a post about later) and just doing general housekeeping things.  My bipolar has rested solidly in the mid to light blue range so some days are better then others, but nothing absolutely crushing and nothing to manic.

There are several things I wish to accomplish in the New Year that I am determined to accomplish, but unlike in past years I am going to keep them small and manageable. I tend to bite of more then I can chew and then self destruct when it all inevitably falls apart on me. 

Become Debt Free. As far as goals go this is a fairly simple one. I am currently on track to be debt free by the beginning of February. Seeing as my Father has taken over my finances for the past couple of months, I have finally made actual strides in becoming debt free.   

Save $3000. Once becoming debt free this should me fairly simple. Especially considering I could potentially save double that number, but I wanted to keep it smaller and more manageable so that if I save more then great, but if I only meet the goal then i met my goal and I still have a healthy savings.   

Graduate College. I have three classes left. All of which I am signed up for. All I have to so is get C’s and then I have a degree and I can move on with my life. (When I say move on I mean find a online degree program for my bachelors)

Lose 24 Pounds. That’s only two pounds a month. Usually I set my goal for something in the 90 to 100 range, but I feel that just sets me up for failure. So we are keeping it small and keeping it simple. 

Read 60% of my Library. This is by far the LOFTIEST goal of the year. I have just south of 400 books in my collection so 60% would be at least 240 books in the year. Which sounds like a lot but in reality is only about 5 books a week and with the way I read I can defiantly accomplish that. I also want to add in the Pop Sugar Reading challenge for this year into this goal.

So there you have it my five goals for the year. They are simple and sweet and hopefully I will be able to accomplish them. Only time will tell I guess.  

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