Dumplin’ The Movie

I love movies, but when I watch movies I watch them for the pure enjoyment of watching them. That being said if you are looking for a highly academic analytical view of moves I recommend As Scene in Cinema (https://sceneincinema.home.blog/), which is a movie blog run by one of my very best friends. I still want to talk about some movies though, especially those based on books, because they are a love of mine.

Dumplin’ is a Netflix original movie that came out on December 7th, 2018 and is based on the book of the same title. I read (and reviewed) the book back in August of this year and was super pumped about it being made into a movie. I watched the movie when it released and defiantly had some feelings about it.  First off the casting was absolutely perfect in my opinion. Danielle MacDonald was the perfect Williowdean “Dumplin'” Dickson which was complimented by Jennifer Aniston’s portrayal of Rosie, Will’s aging Beauty Queen mother. As well as the wonderfully attractive Luke Benward (whom I have loved since Because of Winn- Dixie) as the love interest Bo Larson. 

So I defiantly had some feelings watching the movie in comparison to the book. First lest talk about the negative things first and then the positive because I love to end on a hing note. First I feel as if the movie was lacking something. I just didn’t feel as connected to it as I did the book. It was missing the heart the book had. It was almost as if the movie was missing its substance. They decided to leave out some characters like Amanda, who was Millie’s best friend,  and gloss over others like Hannah and Bekah. To me the book itself was a look inside what its like to be a “Fat Girl” through the lens of the Beauty pageant world. It was also a look into the relationships that surround us and how those relationships change and evolve over time. One of the things I loved the most about the novel was Will and Ellen’s friendship. Cause I saw my friendships in theirs. For most of the book they were in a argument over “the revolution” and who could and could not participate. The movie just glosses over this strife; theirs never really a moment where you see how far apart they have grown and therefor their joyous Reunion doesn’t mean as much. The other relationship that isn’t really explored is the one between Bo and Will. Even in the book Bo and Will’s relationship isn’t really the main focus it also isn’t as much of an after thought as it is in the movie. Will and Bo’s budding romance takes a hit when Will realizes she’s not quiet as confident as she likes to think she is. Honestly if I hadn’t have read the book and only watched the movie I don’t think the message behind it would have hit home or felt genuine. Everything seemed to be on the surface and nothing really went to deep into anything. 

Now for the things I loved about the movie. One I loved the mother daughter relationship and how it was showcased especially in the end. There are some moments in the end of the movie that were not in the book that I defiantly appreciated being there. All in all I liked the movie a lot, but it does not break into my favorites.        

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