Pilgrims Don’t Wear Pink By Stephanie Kate Strohm

Okay I’m not going to sugar coat it here: this book is a very simply read and its kind of dated seeing as how it was published in 2012 (there are Jonas Brother references). That being said this book spoke to my little nerdy soul! Everything about this novel is just me from the setting, a small coastal town in Maine (If I ever live in a small town it will be in Maine in a Victorian or a lighthouse), the the main character, Libby (who is a hopeless romantic history nerd with a shoe obsession). Its a light cute contemporary novel; there is no heavy subject matter and you can tell where the plot is going from a mile away. It’s basically the readers equivalent to watching a Hallmark Channel Rom-Com. Which is basically the reason I love it so much.

Libby is a seventeen year old history lover who lands a summer internship in a small coastal town in Maine. Life in Camden Harbor isn’t exactly what Libby thought it was going to be. First off there isn’t enough room in what the museum has deemed a closet for her shoes, then there is her roommate, Ashling, that seems to just instantly detest her. On the bright side of things there is a whole group of delicious looking boys that play the sailors on the museums 18th century ships. Of course no summer in small town Maine would be complete with out a ghost story or two. Luckily for the museum ghost sightings draw in big crowds, unluckily for Libby they also draw in nerdy investigative reporters who are annoyingly infuriating.    

Ashling was my least favorite character, as she was most likely meant to be. She is the kind of character that just makes you go WTF with how cruel she actually is. Ashling is very high and mighty when it comes to her position at the museum event though she is also just an intern. She instantly dislikes Libby and spends most of her time trying to put Libby down and just being unnecessarily rude to everybody around her. She kind of gets redeemed at the end, but in my opinion its to little to late. Suze is Libby’s other roommate and she is a sweet and mousy girl who honestly is not very integral to the plot of the novel. Cam was another character that I was a bit eh about. Although I did like him in the beginning, he was so suave and charming it roped me in just like Libby. Although I knew he wasn’t what he presented himself to be a lot faster then Libby did. My absolute favorite, besides Libby of course, was Garrett. I think its because he kind of reminded me of a guy I have a crush on. He was sarcastic and nerdy which are my two favorite character traits for any person to have, fictional or real. He cared for Libby and supported her even when she thought that they disliked each other.  

All and all I really liked the novel as a whole and its a nice addition to my collection. If your into really easy reads that are a bit cheesy then I highly recommend it. (Also there is a squeal and Yes I will be purchasing it and reviewing.) 


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