Life Update: December 17th 2019

Hello my beautiful people! It has been a hot minuet since I have posted and I do apologize for that, life got kinda crazy for me. At the end of October I was finally able to quit my shit hotel job, because I got a new one! I am back in the retail world and I am absolutely loving it so far. My new boss is infinitely nicer and more understanding then my last ones and my coworkers are mostly older women who are just the sweetest people on earth. I do ache most of the time and I come home covered in glitter every day and I do 10 hour days, but I get to sit when I need to, take a break when I decide to and I get paid more so really its all worth it. Because of the long work day and the fact that I now don’t really get enough downtime to read at work I haven’t really been reading lately. I read one book in November. ONE! I have to read 11 books by the end of the year to reach my goal and the end of the year is 14 days away. So it may or not happen. I started a adult contemporary romance in hopes to jump start my reading again and so far it seems to be working as I am almost done with it.

I will be honest finding a routine has been hard for me because of the new job. Not only has my reading fallen by the wayside but so has my, memory planning, journaling, bullet journaling, my mood tracking and obviously the blog. All things that help me cope and I can definitely see and feel the impact. I am less motivated and have been experiencing the “Big Sad” (that what the kids call it right? For a 24 year old I am most certainly not hip and I watch Tik Tok!) My goal is to try and find a routine that I can stick with so I can get back on track with my coping mechanisms, especially since I will be back in school next semester! Which I am kinda excited about! Hopefully the end of the decade will bring about some big things for me! I plan on making a Decade in Review post before 2020 arrives. This decade has been very formative for me and I would really like to reflect on it. A October/November Warp Up is also coming very soon!

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