July 15th 24 Hour Readathon

UPDATE (July 16th): I got zero reading done yesterday! I was a bit over ambitious and after working on my bullet journal and doing laundry yesterday morning I had worn myself out and decided to take a nap which turned into me waking up shortly before meeting my friend for some shopping and then spending they day with her. When I got home I basically crawled into bed and just scrolled on the phone and was asleep by 10. All these books are still on my July TBR though and I do plan on finishing most of them before the month is out.

Good Evening! Morning? Either way I have to reset my sleep schedule because on of my oh so lovely coworker decided to no call no show this week so I got to work six shifts in five days this week and working 16 hours straight throw my very delicate sleep schedule into a tizzy. So in order to accomplish this I have decided, in all my infinite wisdom, have decided that a 24 hour readathon was the perfect way to accomplish this. It also service the dual purpose in allowing me to get ahead in my reading list. I bet another one of my co-workers $50 that I couldn’t read 60 books in a year and I am a bit behind. But I am determined to win that money.

So I have a bit of an ambitious TBR (5 Books) but I figure its better to be ambitious then under estimate yourself. Right? I am 56 pages into Daughter of the Pirate King by Tricia Levenseller so I plan on finishing that today and then moving on to the squeal Daughter of the Siren Queen. Also in my TBR pile is Girl at Sea by Maureen Johnson, Sugar Skulls by Lisa Mantchev & Glenn Dallas, and The Beholder by Anna Bright. I also have some things I have to take care of today , Like laundry and some serious quality BFF time with my bestie. So I’ll be happy if I get through half of my TBR. So I guess wish me luck and I will keep y’all updated!

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