An Absolutely Remarkable Thing by Hank Green

I wanted to read this book purely cause I have a very deep love of John Green’s books and John and Hank’s shared YouTube channel the vlogbrothers, DFTBA always and forever people, besides that fact its really really good. It made it to the 2019 favorite list for sure. The story its self gives me Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy vibes meets social media meets E! True Hollywood Story and let me tell you its perfect. Science Fiction nerds unite because April May has made first contact with an alien species. Skyrocketing her and her friend, Andy Skampt, to fame and fortune. The story is told in a deliciously Deadpool– esque where April consistently breaks the fourth wall to talk directly to the reader.

Speaking of Ms. April May lets talk about how much I absolutely love and hate her at the same time. April May is a very flawed character who makes quite a few mistakes over the unfolding of her story. She’s narcissistic, rash, pretentious bitch really who has a really big heart and a deep love for the Carls’ and what they mean for humanity. Because of her flaws, for which she makes very clear that she is painfully aware of, she makes a very reliable narrator for the story. She confronts the mistakes she made and lets the reader know how she felt about making them. I love her as a character cause she funny and charming and pretty self deprecating, but I also hate her because well lets face it she becomes addicted to fame and it causes her to treat the people around her like they are less then nothing. Speaking of the people that surround The Great April May. My line of for favorite to least favorite (although I still love them) are as follows: Andy Skampt, Maya, Robin, and then Miranda. Its not that I don’t like Miranda, cause I do, she was just kinda a minor character to me like she ended up kicking some serious ass later in the book but at the end of the day she didn’t stand out to me. Robin on the other hand is basically on every page since he gets introduced and pretty much a can do man. There is something great about an attractive young man working for a powerful women (Robin is April’s assistant. Maya is probably my favorite female character cause she is the only one that tells April what she needs to hear, although she doesn’t do it when April needs to hear it. I also find the romance between Maya and April fascinating cause of how they just dance around the fact they broke up but still obviously want to be together, but April is just to stupid to let herself. Andy is my absolute favorite though cause I feel like I am him. I am the Andy in my friends lives. The one that helps them achieve greatness and achieves it with them but not nearly to the same extent. Although my friends don’t treat me quite as bad as April treats Andy. Andy ends up carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders and ultimately the weight of Aprils decisions. Then there is Carl who is both a character and not a character at the same time. He has no personality traits yet is omnipresent in every aspect of the book. He becomes Aprils obsession and her downfall. Plus hes an alien so that’s pretty cool!

And now for an update on my reading challenges. My popsugar one I am still only one prompt in so I really need to get on that ASAP, but with the completion of An Absolutely Remarkable Thing I am 6 books in on my 240 goal. Which means I am about 2.5% there and with 41 weeks left to go I really need to step up my game. I need to be reading about 5 books a day which I know wont happen but a girl can dream right?

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